Tavistock Swimming Club (TSC) achieved excellent results in a triathlon and biathlon.

Congratulations go competitors at the Pony Club Winter Triathlon Champs in Grantham. The athletes had to shoot with a laser gun at a moving target, swim and run. 

Lamorna in the junior girls division and came a superb 4th, scoring 920 for the shoot, 1,063 point 1,500m run and 1,132 points swim - a total of 3115.

Rory (Open Boys) finished a fantastic 7th with 840 for a 10m shoot, 838 for 3,000m run and 1,135 for the swim - totalling 2,813

Last but not least James came a great 22nd place with a 10m shoot score of 840, he also scored 742 (time of 11:50) for 3000m and 1111 (12 lengths and 22m in the swim. Scoring a total of 2447.

Sam Lake (of TSW) said: “Excellent results for a high level, national championships! Huge well done to you all.”

Meanwhile, swimming and running was completed in the National Schools Biathlon in Bath.

There were very competitive fields at this national level competition which involved a 200m pool swim then the athletes took part in a 1,600m track run on the track.

The sun shone, but there was a chilly breeze. Charlotte came 5th overall in years 12/13 - 2nd in run, 11th in swim; Hannah was 8th overall in years 12/13 - 11th in run, 4th in swim; Miri was 41st overall in year 8 with 36th place in the swim and 43rd in the run.