A WELL-USED play park has been  reopened after 20 years of loving use with ribbon-cutting ceremony and cup cakes all round.

Parents joined their children at Yelverton Play Park where a huge crowd of wellwishers, sponsors, organisers and families celebrated the reopening of the newly equipped area with colourful recycled play equipment, including a mini-roundabout and accessible circular swing which can be used by children with mobility issues or by any child and their families or friends. 

The project took several weeks to complete after funds were raised by Yelverton Community Projects (YCP — run by residents) to modernise and make more accessible an area which is in demand from as far as Plymouth and used by care homes.

It was first built 20 years ago and one of the parents bringing her young children along on the day remembered using it herself as a youngster.  She was delighted to see its transformation, as were all those who came along to try out the equipment.

Ric Cheadle, of YCP said: “This is a very happy day for so many. The toddler area is used by families in the village and all the way to Plymouth and tourists. 

“Disabled people also come here in minibuses from care homes and community groups and we have improved access for people in wheelchairs and continue to do this for the rest of the play park. 

“Everyone has been fantastic, especially Marcel de Gascan who left £40,000 in her will, as a villager. We are all very grateful. 

“Also, thanks to the Briar Tor estate developers, Yelverton Co-op and all those who bought our local lottery tickets. A big part was paid for by grants after lots of application letters from Randall Williams.” 

Graham Brown, park manager, said: “This is a big legacy for the village which we’re very proud of.” 

Maddy Carr, who runs the lottery, said: “The play park is an important hub for the communbity, for families and relativers of all ages to meet and enjoy.” 

Max Finzel, father of Lorna, three, said: “This is a great safe place for the children and gives confidence to families. Lorna loves it.” 

Amber Barnaby brought Alice, five, and Oliver, two: “I used this when I was young. My children love it.”