The Green Party candidate standing for election as a borough councillor in Tavistock this week has community work experience in the town.

Sara Wood, a retired mental health nurse, is asking for residents’ votes to become West Devon Borough Council member for Tavistock North Ward. The vote takes place on Thursday (May 2).

She currently works as a volunteer in the Refillery shop, in keeping with Green Party credentials. She added: “I have also volunteered with the Tavistock Area Support Services charity befriending scheme and been involved with the Tavi Tidy community litter pick, and supported local food banks/hubs.

“During Covid, I was part of the Tavistock Locals Help team. All the above has contributed to my understanding of the issues people face day-to-day in our community.”

After graduating in general nursing (2007), she worked as a community mental health nurse. This was all in Australia and ended up with involvement in disaster recovery climate events such as cyclones: “Prior to this I spent approximately 20 years working in IT in the financial sector,” she said. “These professional experiences mean I have developed an understanding of what is required to support people in demanding situations whilst working in teams in an effective organised manner. These are all skills we need on the council.”

Sara added: “At the last borough election the Greens were just 18 votes away from winning in Tavistock North. It is that close! Only a few people switching to Green will mean I get elected. Your vote really can make a difference. I’ll be part of a dedicated team.

“There are already four Green councillors in West Devon doing great things to make the area a better place to live. The Greens in West Devon have a long history of working cooperatively and positively with other parties, so as a local councillor, I will always put voters’ needs above party politics. If the people of Tavistock want a local candidate who can stand up for Tavistock and work hard for them then please vote for me.”

The other by-election candidates: Michael Fife Cook (Independent); Judy Hughes (Conservative); Udo Uwem (Labour) and Holly Greenberry-Pullen (Lib Dem).