Young school friends and classmates Oliver and Holly met up on the streets of Tavistock as they joined the regular volunteer group Tidy Tavi to help with a litter pick last weekend.

Tidy Tavi organiser Steve Hipsey said: “Despite a dire and threatening weather forecast, nineteen well-waterproofed Tidy Tavi volunteers ventured out last Saturday to help keep Tavistock spick and span.

“Strong winds blew litter and dead leaves in all directions. All the usual locations were visited, along the main roads, beside the canal and through the town centre. This yielded a good number of crammed rubbish bags, along with the ubiquitous debris from minor vehicle collisions and tyre changes. “

New volunteers joined the regulars, including Holly (pictured) who joined classmate Oliver to do a fine job on The Meadows and Tavistock College.

Tidy Tavi meets at Meadowlands Leisure Centre at 10am on the first Saturday of every month.