A BEREAVED husband has unveiled a huge mural in his Tavistock garden in tribute to his beloved wife who died suddenly aged 40 from a brain aneurysm.

Paul Salt has a dramatic 50ft by 20ft high painting of the town’s Abbey Bridge with his wife Hannah, on her motorcycle, riding away from the viewer alongside the River Tavy.

Paul, a retired civil servant, tragically lost his wife after just four years of marriage in 2021 after suffering an unexpected bleed on the brain.

Then living in the West Midlands, they had not long returned from a two-year secondment to New Jersey, USA for Hannah’s job, where they toured many north eastern states including a visit to Niagara Falls, watching a rodeo, ice hockey and American football events

Paul said: ‘Hannah was a very intelligent and driven person, we supported each other throughout our careers and adventures, and did everything together. We’d always planned to move to the West Country from the Midlands and Tavistock appealed to me.

‘I moved into my new home and have a huge brick wall with a fence on the top and a neighbouring house behind that, so it needed something to brighten the view. So I commissioned this amazing mural of the Tavistock scene with Hannah on her motorcycle as a tribute to someone I loved.

‘We had a fantastic two years together in the US seeing and experiencing as much as we could. But it ended so sadly.’