Kingsbride and Salcombe ladies 5

Okehampton ladies 2

OKEHAMPTON travelled to Kingsbridge to take on the joint league leaders while fighting for their own league survival.

The visitors started brightly but were unable to capitalise on a couple of early penalty corners. Oke player of the match, Katie Adams, and Jo Moppet linked well in the middle with some strong passing but it was Kingsbridge who broke the stalemate with their first goal.

Okehampton countered strongly and sustained pressure earning themselves another short corner. Working it round, Lesley Bingham fed the ball to Jo Moppett who slotted it into the net.

The Okehampton defence of Jane Jones, Carol Taylor, Ailsa Gibb and Nicci Stoneman worked tirelessly to ward off multiple Kingsbridge attacks, maintaining the score of 1-1 until half time.

Kingsbridge came back from the break with renewed energy and continued to scratch away at the Okehampton defence. Despite many good runs from Okehampton wingers, Lottie Rademaker, Louise Weller and Hannah Whiteley, Kingsbridge were able to catch Okehampton and despite best attempts by the Okehampton defence Kingsbridge scored again.

Okehampton fought back and quickly equalised, making the score 2-2 with Hannah Whitely slotting the ball past the keeper once again.

Goalkeeper Shannon Osman made some great saves including a penalty flick. However, Kingsbridge scored once again during a penalty corner.

With Okehampton fighting as hard as they could Kingsbridge scored two more goals bringing the final score to 5-2.