Tavistock Swimming Club scooped many awards at the first weekend of the City of Plymouth competition meet last weekend.

Sam Lake, of the club, said: ‘There were great swims with 28 personal bests, 22 medals and members in four championship finals across the two days – fantastic achievement.

‘A huge well done to everyone and thank you to all volunteers, officials and James Lake, our head coach, for a fantastic weekend of racing to begin our winter season.’

Results: Girls’ 400-metre freestyle: U13: Holly - 2nd and PB; U14: Miley - 2nd; 17+: Izzy - 3rd.

Girls’ 100-metre butterfly: U13: Holly - 2nd.

Girls’ 50-metre back: U11: Sophia - 12th and PB; U14 Miley - 3rd; Amelia - 13th; Chloe - 17th and PB; 17+: Izzy - 3rd.

Boys’ 100-metre butterfly: U14: Herbie - 3rd and PB; U16: JJ - 3rd and PB and third in 100m butterfly championship final.

Girls’ 100-metre individual medley: U9: Georgia - PB; U13: Holly - 5th and PB.

Girls’ 200-metre freestyle: U13: Holly - 3rd and PB; U14: Miley - 2nd; 17+: Sam - 3rd.

Boys’ 50-metre breastroke: U14: Herbie - 8th; U16: JJ - 10th and PB.

Girls’ 200-metre individual medley: U14: Amelia - 9th; U13: Holly - 1st and PB.

Boys’ 100-metre breastroke: U14: Herbie - 25th and PB.

Girls’ 100-metre backstroke: U14: Chloe - 8th and PB; Miley - 2nd and PB; 17+: Izzy - 4th and PB; Hannah - 1st and PB and first in 100m backstroke championship final.

Boys’ 200-metre freestyle: U16: JJ - 1st and PB.

Boys’ 100-metre individual medley: U16: JJ - 3rd and PB and fourth in 100m championship final.

Girls’ 100-metre breastroke: U11: Rose - 10th and PB; U14: Amelia - 13th; Evie - 2nd; 17+: Izzy - 6th and PB; Hannah - 1st and PB and sixth in 100m breastroke championship final.

Girls’ 800-metre freestyle: 17+: Izzy - 4th; Sam - 2nd, PB and club record.