ON a fresh Saturday morning Okehampton started well with lots of pressure with Stuart Jarvis finding Andy Strong who won a short corner, from which captain Brett Lawson fired the ball into the back of the net.

After this Minehead had a counter attack, leading to the equaliser.

The visitors then began to take a grip of the game and from a good run Jake Lloyd found Jarvis to made it 2-1.

As soon as the second half started Okehampton pilled on the pressure and Tim Morgan soon found Hayden Bond in the D, who slotted the ball home with a reverse strike.

After this Lloyd made a great run and almost walked the ball into the net. Minehead did have chances but good defending from John Jarvis, Alex Osman and Tom Hutchins stopped anything from getting through.

The fifth goal came from good pressure from Lawson and Andy Strong with the ball finding Lloyd whose strike at the keeper managed to put the ball into his own net. This was a great performance from Okehampton who are now sitting fifth place with one game to go.

Man of the match went to Hayden Bond for a all round great game for the seconds.