SATURDAY evening saw 26 runners from Tavistock Athletic Club made the short journey across to Ivybridge for their well established 10k race.

With a record entry of over 800 and glorious weather, it was sure to be a an evening for personal best times. The course has a large hill between Bittaford and Moorhaven that has to be tackled between two and four kilometres, but apart from that its a relatively fast course. Tavistock AC runners had a fun evening and also managed to pick up a few awards as well.

The ladies’ team placed second overall, with messers Exley-Deane, Bazley and Shearer picking up first 55, first 60 and first 65 respectively.

Provisional results. 14th Martin Exley-Deane(38.05), 43rd David Harris (41 minutes 00 seconds), 64th Richard Best (43.00), 98th Pete Bazley (45.20), 104th Ian Collacott (45.38), 118 Soozie Trice (46.11), 164th Jason Shipton (48.00), 165th Helen Orme (48.01), 176th Lauren Bryant (48.36), 194th Nicole Heryet (49.06), 208th Jenny Bryant(49.47), 217th Tony Shearer (50.08), 254th Sarah Holland (52.10), 287th Luke Billing-Wills (53.32), 332nd Emma Webber (55.19), 415th Danni James (58.39), 482nd Martin Walker (1.01.08), 501st Sarah Prior (1.01.41), 518th Sheila Houghton(1.02.20), 523rd Francesca White (1.02.20), 538th Cathy Leek (1.03.16), 557th Louisa Daley (1.04.13), 585th Dene Medland (1.05.34), 637th Emma Craig (1.08.33), 654th Sharon Stevens (1.09.36), 676th Kellie Miller (1.11.41).