After last week’s chastening defeat at the hands of Exeter University 5s, the university fourth team visited Okehampton on Saturday with anticipation.

The game started with some great attacking play from both sides, and the uni began to control the possession and dictate the play.

Oke stuck rigidly to their formation denying the Uni a break-through. Oke’s response was to build on their strong defence and develop their own attacks and, breaking down the flank, Morgan’s cross into the uni circle found Jake Griffiths who turned the ball into the net and open the scoring for the home team.

Oke settled more into their game, and pushing forwards they forced the uni into conceding a series of penalty corners.

Liversidge took advantage of the situation and sent the ball into the top left corner giving the keeper no chance to save.

The university upped the tempo of the game as they tried to get on to the score sheet, but Oke defended well and saw out the half with no further score.

Exeter started the second half in a determined fashion attacking at every opportunity. Rod Gers marshalled the Oke defence with style and they held strong thwarting the attacking threat.

When they had the opportunity, Oke attacked, hitting the post and a forcing some good saves from the uni keeper. The pressure from the Exeter side eventually told, and they snatched back a goal to build up an exciting finish.

Hall, Gers and Berry used all their experience to slow down the attacks and, on more than one occasion, flung the ball long for Morgan and Watson to chase, but the rest of the game remained goalless.

A valuable win for the home side, consolidates their fourth position in the league and sets them up well for next week’s trip to Yeovil.

The men’s second team will be playing Ocean City 3’s at 12.15 pm on the college all-weather pitch. Any support will be welcomed.