TAVISTOCK Bowling Club’s ladies beat Lee Moor in a Plymouth and District League game 89-20.

What was more remarkable was that the ladies’ captain’s rink won 63-3. They achieved the ‘Hot Shot’, which means they scored nine points from nine bowls. This entitles them to a ‘Hot Shot’ award from Bowls England.

On Saturday, Tavistock beat Heavitree 99-91 in a mixed friendly. The visitors, some 35 of them, enjoyed an excellent game with good camaraderie and after game drinks. Tavistock look forward to playing them next year at Exeter.

Plymouth and District Ladies League: Tavistock beat Lee Moor 89-20 (J Carter, S Mcintosh and J Lacayo won 18-17; B Carter, P Anstead and V Blair won 63-3).

Mixed Friendly: Tavistock beat Heavitree 99-91

(G Tutte, D Blair and T Smith won 28-8; S Hartley, G Davey, P Anstead and M Felles won 20-7;

P Sawyer, B Mitchell, R Fielding and A Puddicombe lost 16-18; J Carter, A Clark, J Sawyer and V Blair lost 15-19; J Williams, S Jenkins, N Paramor and G Allott lost 9-19; A Hammond, G Whalley, A Venning and B Hunt lost 11-20).

Last week Tavistock played for the Golden Hind trophy at Plymouth Hoe.This is an annual event with a combined team with Plymouth Sir Francis Drake. Each club supplying 3 rinks each. They played against the City of Plymouth and Stuart Road. The combined Sir Francis Drake teams won 104-89 to retain the trophy.

Tavistock played against Tamar in a Men’s Evening League Triple match, at home. They won 59-42 and earned the maximum 10 points.

Plymouth and District Evening League Mens Triples: Tavistock beat Tamar 59-42

( B Lamb M Clark T Boxall won 19-15; P Chaney T Smith M Allen won 17-13; A Puddicombe J Carr D Johns won 23-14)