Okehampton Golf Club members competed in an Individual Stableford Competition for the Stuart Wilson Trophy on Saturday.

The winner of division one and the Stuart Wilson Trophy was Del Owen with 39 points; in second place Rob Green with 38pts, just ahead on the back nine from Kevin Cornwall in third place.

The division two winner was Reggie Wonnacott with 38pts; in second place was Richard Prouse with 34pts and in third place Phil Burley with 32pts. Division three winner was Pete Grant with 34pts; in second place was David Stallion with 33pts and in third place Allen Deakin with 32pts.

The winners of the Ladies Delaney Texas Scramble Open on Tuesday, September 17, were Carol Skrzpczak, Marcia Collett and Marcia Jones of Holsworthy and Okehampton Golf Clubs with an impressive nett 59.2.

The Seniors Open winners were Richard Stevens, Jeff Maynard and Colin Wayman of Fingle Glen Golf Club and Exeter Golf and Country Club with 82 Stableford points.