TAVISTOCK Lambs manager Stu Henderson is hoping to up the number of spectators through the gates at Langsford Park as the team is on a successful roll and playing some of its best ever football.

The Lambs latest 4-0 victory against Frome Town in the Southern League Division One South League last weekend was considered by many as a masterclass, but the club wants more people to see the action at every home game.

Stu stressed the importance of having a fan base behind the team to show their support.

He said: ‘This was a strong result. I’m really proud of all of our boys and Liam Prynn, of course, did very well on Saturday (scoring all four goals).

‘The important thing is to continue with this success and we’re off to a good start, however, to sustain the club at this level, it’s really dependent on support and availability. Frome isn’t a huge place and they have over 400 through the door at every home game, as they did on Saturday evening, as a big crowd to support their side — there’s music banging out and people in the ground before kick-off. ‘Unfortunately, we don’t have that at our club, but it is something that we are trying to create. We’d like to see those numbers too, to make a difference. We really encourage people to come along, those of all ages and families too.

‘Predominantly, we’re all about hard work and organisation, which ensures we get the best out of the players and that they fit into the group, are in a strong environment with each other where they can flourish and have a positive place to play. We don’t have the biggest squad, but home games are always great for a successful non-league club as it’s an opportunity for people to get behind them.’

The Lambs received an outpouring of congratulations on their social media pages following the win on Saturday. One supporter wrote: ‘Possibly the best performance that I’ve witnessed by the Lambs. A great day out! Those of you thinking of travelling away and watching the Lambs, do it! You will be pleasantly surprised and welcomed by the fans and the players.’

Liam Prynn pictured above. See page 47 for full report of Saturday’s game.