TAVYSIDE Health Centre, recently held its fourth Junior Photographer of the Year competition.

Organised by Mrs Barbara Greig, judging the competition were Keith Urro and Paul Burgess from Tavistock Camera Club and James Bird, from the Times, was the lead judge for the competition.

Keith Hall, the sponsor of the main prize in the competition was unable to be there due to a prior commitment to a fundraising charity event in Italy.

The founder and sponsor of the Maureen Reynold’s Shield and individual prizes, Mr Eric Reynolds, attended to present the main prize to the winner.

The competition is run in memory of Maureen Reynolds, who spent decades supporting the Wharfside, Stannary and Tavyside Health Centres.

Mrs Greig said that the main aim of the competition is to provide a vehicle whereby young people can become more familiar with using health services and communicating with health service personnel.

She said Maureen had been particularly keen to enable younger members of society to feel comfortable when needing to access services.

Mrs Greig added: ‘Our way was to introduce this photographic competition as a fun way of demystifying and normalising medical facilities and people who serve in them. This is not just for Tavyside patients but for all youngsters, indeed the winner of this year’s competition is not a patient at Tavyside. It also highlights some of the talent of the local young people.

‘This is our fourth competition and although entries are down on last year we had some amazing pictures for our judges to look at.’

Best picture for the ‘transport’ and ‘age’ category, age 7-11, was won by Ollie Spry of Buckland Monachorum School — he won two £5 vouchers for Dartmoor Photographic.

Best picture in ‘humour’ and face’, age 7-11, Paige Bowyer, two £5 vouchers.

Best overall in age 7-11, Paige Bowyer, £5 voucher and £5 note.

Best picture in ‘face’ and ‘age’, 12-18, Shanelle Bowyer.

Best picture in ‘transport’, 12-18, William Dax, £5 voucher.

Best overall in age 12-18, William Dax, £5 voucher and £5 note.

Best in competition, William Dax, £5 voucher and £10 note.

William’s photo was a black and white image of the cyclist Bradley Wiggins on his way through Tavistock last year, during the 2014 Tour of Britain.

James Bird praised William for developing and printing the picture himself. He also said that it was probably a better picture than one he had taken at the time.