THE PROPRIETOR of a cafe near Tavistock with a fondness for charity rally adventures has returned victorious from successfully completing this year’s Wacky Rally – Barmy to Barcelona challenge.

Clive Pattison, who runs Drake's Cafe at Grenofen enters the Wacky Rally each year.

This year, he and his teammate Ewan Miller, pictured, drove their Wacky Green Air Force car across Europe in tribute to the RAF crews who took part in the Dambusters raid which turned the tide of the Second World War 80 years ago. 

Their Wacky Green Air Force car finished third overall and by the time it had returned to Tavistock it had completed 2,540 miles in seven days, passing through eight European countries. 

En route, they released 1,700 rose petals in a poignant tribute to the aircrews and those on the ground who died as a result of the Dambusters raid 80 years ago. 

The trip was to raise funds for the RAF Benevolent Fund and this is still ongoing, with a fundraiser being planned for August when a couple of limited edition prints of the raid are to be auctioned. 

One of them is signed by the last Dambuster, Johnnie Johnson, who died in December aged 101.