A VIOLENT boyfriend has been jailed after be was filmed attacking his partner on a neighbour’s doorbell camera.

Filippo Taylor kicked at the door of the house in Torbay after being refused entry and then grabbed the woman by her hair when she opened it.

He went on to carry on the assault inside by banging her head against the stairs and leaving her shocked and bruised. Taylor was high on drugs at the time despite being on a court-ordered rehab scheme.

The drug treatment requirement was part of a suspended sentence which had been imposed nine months earlier for offence of drunk and dangerous driving in which he crashed into a wall as he tried to get away from the police.

Taylor, aged 36, of Hill Rise, Galmpton, denied battery but was found guilty by Plymouth Magistrates and sent to Exeter Crown Court for sentence. He admitted breaching the suspended sentence.

He was jailed for a total of 17 months by Judge Anna Richardson, who told him she had no other option because he had missed multiple appointments with probation, failed to tackle his drug problem, and reoffended while on the earlier order.

She said: 'You carried out the assault while under the influence of drugs, which was not surprising, given the difficulties you have. . You were visible kicking at the door and chasing her back into the house.

'You grabbed her by her hair and manoeuvred her by her arm and then slammed her face against a stair. You grabbed her around the neck and caused bruising.'

Mr Paul Grumbar, prosecuting, said the initial driving offences happened in December 2021 when Taylor crashed a BMW after driving it at 45 mph in 30 mph roads on Avenue Road and Cleveland Road, Torquay.

He was trying to get away from police and at one point almost reversed into a patrol car. He also crossed two junctions where he should have given way without stopping. He was over the drink-drive limit.

He was arrested again after police were called to his partner’s home in Torbay on the night of August 8 in an attack which was filmed on CCTV from the house opposite.

Mr Grumbar said: 'His partner left the house and was chased back in. He kicked at the door and she eventually let him in. He grabbed her by the hair and was seen forcing her back into the house where the incident continued inside and he hit her head against the stairs.'

Mr William Parkhill, defending, said Taylor has now started attending meetings and wants to re-engage with the addiction services, even though his drug rehabilitation order has now expired.

He said he now has a new and stable address which will enable him to lead a more settled life. He has also seen his GP to seek help for his mental health issues.