Video story: Two female ducks are continuing to steal the show at Tavistock Wharf as they pull in viewers from all around West Devon, North Devon, Cornwall and Weymouth.

The ducks have been lovingly incubating their eggs for the past two weeks and are the first of their kind, with theatre staff and volunteers having never seen two female ducks nest together before. They have erected a make-shift sign asking cafe users not to disturb the two mothers-to-be.

Under the pair are more than 30 eggs and only a few feet away are male drakes who seem to be their mating partners on guard patrol.

Natalie O’Byrne, theatre coffee shop manager, said: ‘It’s making us all a bit nervous waiting for the eggs to hatch. They do nest around here occasionally and seem to be perfectly happy to do so, as they are safe and next to the canal where they normally live. But this is the first time we’ve seen two female ducks sharing a nest and to have eggs at the same time. We just hope as many as possible are born and we have lots of ducklings. I don’t know how they will manage if they all come out.’