A POPULAR play park has been targeted by vandals once again – just a few months after a bench was completely destroyed in a mindless attack by vandals.

A piece of play equipment in Yelverton Play Park was daubed with graffiti one night recently with the damage being discovered on Thursday. Ric Cheadle, who is chair of Yelverton Community Projects, which maintains the play area, said the incident had left him with ‘a heavy heart’.

He said: ‘Last time they destroyed a picnic bench, which was kindly replaced by a local couple; this time a piece of play equipment has been ‘decorated’ with graffiti.

‘We will, of course, remove it but every pound we spend on responding to this mindless stuff is a pound we can’t spend on maintaining and improving the park. If you spot people damaging the park, please let me know and if you’d like to help – join the play park lottery perhaps or leave a legacy in your will – just get in touch. It’s important that we keep the park going for the benefit of all those who get so much enjoyment from it.’

He said the park had recently benefited from a legacy from a woman who had enjoyed seeing the children happy playing in the play park, which is near the roundabout in Yelverton. When she died, she left a gift in her will.

Anyone with information about the vandalism is urged to email Ric at [email protected] and you can find out more about the play park and the fundraising lottery at https://www.yelvertoncommunityprojects.org/play-park