Once again, throughout the dark days of December, lights on the three Christmas trees on the front of Tavistock Town Hall have twinkled brightly.

They represent treasured memories and help the Lions Club of Tavistock raise much needed funds for local charities.

The lights have been as bright as ever and are sponsored by individuals or families in memory of loved ones or good causes.

The charities which will benefit this year are Plymouth & Cornwall Cancer Fund, St Luke’s Hospice Plymouth, Tavistock Area Support Services and Parkinson’s Tavistock Group. All profits from donations and Christmas card sales will go to these charities thanks to the generosity of Simon and Lucie Luke of Morris Bros (Tavistock) Ltd who cover all of the costs incurred.

Sponsors are as follows, with each sponsor followed by the names of those remembered or commemorated and any message:

Mr Jack McFadden, Marie McFadden, Kevin McFadden and Brian Phillips. Forever in our hearts; John and Agnes Walters, Our parents. Sadly missed; Miss Natalie Greep, Ron and Betty Geake and Roy and Betty Greep. Remembering our grandparents, with love always. Ryan, Martyn and Natalie; Mr Michael Nash, Grace and Jim Nash and Peter Darke. Always in our thoughts; Mrs Lucy Heard, John and Pat Gynn; Tony and Sue Butland, Mum and Dad Stanton and Mum and Dad Butland. From Tony and Sue; Mrs Rita Hatherley, Mr and Mrs S May. Always thinking of you; Mr Andy Bond, Mr George Forbes and Mrs Mary Forbes. Still in our hearts, with love from all the family; Sue, David, Tom and Ollie James, Phyllis and Don Britton. Loved and missed. Forever in our hearts.

Mr David James, William (Bill) James and Elsie James. Always in our hearts. David, Sue, Tom and Ollie James; Mrs Dena, Frances Moore (Gill/Spear Family); Mrs Wendy Johnson, Remembering Mum and Dad and Rhoda and Cyril Heggadon. Wendy, Paul and Family; Mrs Kathleen Moreton, Jacki Davy; Mrs Wendy Cronin, Tom Cronin and Nancy and Geoff Hunt. Always in my heart; Mrs Christine Knowlton, Lilian and George Sandwell. Forever missed; Mandy and Mike Rolfe, Angela Shepherd. Miss you Mum; Ms Cheryl Reeves and Mr Mark Hodges, Christene and Wilf Reeves and Michael Hodges; Miss Ann Hawken, Mr R A Hawken and Mrs P L B Hawken (now joined by Tim). Remembering both my parents at Christmas; Mrs Ann Alford, June and Kye Smith. Forever in our hearts; Mr Richard Atkinson, Caroline Atkinson and Barbara Atkinson. Both so very much loved and missed; Mr Alex Mettler, Jane, Peter and John Mettler. Memories; Mrs Monica Bickley, John Bickley and Ginger White. Memories are a gift to treasure. Ours of you will last for ever.

Simon and Shirley Dell, Gordon and Maureen Dell. Reunited in Higher Service. Bill and Rita Freyn. Remembered by all whose lives you touched; Mrs Pauline Harrison, Grace and Gil Harris, Jack Alexander and Amelia Conway. Our thoughts are always with you; Mr David Farrant, Ethel Speed, Olive Farrant and Clifford Farrant. “Live on yourselves”; Mrs Audrey Kitchenham, Michael Kitchenham; Mrs Kay Harrison, Don Harrison. Remembered with love; Mr Kenneth Fuge, David Stenlake. To an adored dad, father-in-law and Grumps. Love Sarah, Ken, Ross and Dan XXXX; Pauline and John Noblet, Sue and Tony Welsh. Congratulations on your Golden Wedding; Mrs Gwen Allen, Bob Allen. Loved Husband, Dad and Grandad; Mrs Audrey Masters, Family and friends. Love Vera and Audrey.

Mrs Beryl Watson, Mr Ivor Watson and Graham Watson. Treasured memories of a loving husband and a precious baby son; Mrs Jennifer Hoar, Dennis Lionel Hoar and Hannah Conybeare. Wonderful Husband, Father and Grandfather and Darling Grandaughter; Mrs Brenda Moyse, Keith Moyse. Always in our thoughts, Brenda, Johnathan and Peter; Mrs Pam Law, Andrew Law. Remembered with love; Mrs Jenny Rogers, Muriel and Stan Dodd. Mum and Dad, always in our thoughts; Mrs Jenny McDowall, David James Mc Dowall. My wonderful husband. Loved and missed every day; Mrs Ruth Cole, Alice and Herbert Daw. From James and Ruth Cole; Mrs Jenny Walker, Jack Walker, dearest husband, dad and grandad. Gracie Nell Walker, dearest granddaughter, niece and cousin; Mrs Hilary Fielding, Charles and Queenie Newton and Alick and Celia. Happy memories; Mrs Sylvia Westlake, Peter Westlake. Always loved very much; The Mackenzie Family, Ian Mackenzie. Loving husband, Dad and Papa. Missed every day.

Mr Dick Eberlie, John Warne. Thanks for your contribution to the town when Mayor and Chair of Crowndale Football; Mrs Pam Coxwell, The Petherick Family, Marilyn, Mary and Roy and Trevor Kerswill. Miss you all; Mrs June Pratt, Ronald Pratt, husband. Miss you so much. seven years pass and you are in my heart; Terry Green, Sheila Green. Miss you, Mum. You’d love it here. Love Terry and Sharon; Mrs Jean Langsford, William and Gladys Crago and Gilbert and Phylis Langsford. Gone but not forgotten; Mrs Susan McConnon, Alistair McConnon. Always in our hearts. Mizpa; Mrs Jennifer Stenlake, David Stenlake and Jonathan Stenlake; Mrs Pamela Barriball, Brian Barriball. Loving husband, dad, grandad and great grandad; Miss Angela Ward, David Ward, Mavis Davis and Uncle Reg. You will always be in my heart. Love you; Miss Nita Ward, Barbra Ward, Arthur Ward and David Ward. Thinking of you always; Mrs Teresa Luxton, Terry and Doreen Luxton. Lots of love from Philip, Teresa and Jack Luxton; Mrs Eileen Perry, Douglas J Perry and Lesley J Perry. For my beloved husband and daughter; Mrs Grace Symons, Pearl Wendy Symons and Kenneth Symons. Remembered with love; Mr Michael and Mrs Shirley Pease, Mr H Pease and Mrs J Pease and Mr S J Prowse and Mrs D L Prowse. Still love and miss you all so much; Mrs Jean Morris, Gillian Andrews. In memory of my dear Sister in Law; Mrs Jean Morris, Tony Morris. Remembering my beloved husband; Mrs Susan Atkinson, David Atkinson and Atkinson and Skinner. Darling Dave, miss you more each year. Broken hearted Sue, Neil, Kim, Nikki and Grandchildren. Mums and Dads. In our hearts always;

Mrs Anne Johnson, Brian and Joan Blowey. Fond memories of my parents; Mr Darren Rich, Larry Rich and Shirley Rich. Beloved Mum and Dad. Sorely missed, cherished memories, loved so dearly and in our hearts forever. x; Mrs Tina Rich, Des Littlejohns. My dearest Dad. Forever in my heart. Remembered and loved always; Mrs Carolyn Tossell, Ashley Tossell. Forever in our hearts; Mrs Maureen Carmichael, Geoffrey Carmichael, David Collen and Mrs Violet Younger; David and Rosemary Turner, June and Godfrey Bisp. Allen and Mary Turner. Forever with us in our hearts; Mrs Kate Glanville, Derek and Betty Norton and Dave and Norman Glanville. Forever in our hearts; Mrs Jacqueline White, My Husband Ginger, Sisters Peggy and Kath, Family and Friends. Missed with love every day; Mrs Hazel Newton, Dennis Newton. Always; Mr Paul Blowey, Brian and John Blowey. Fondly remembered; Mr and Mrs Michael James, John James, Grant Holdom, Derek Holdom and Heathfield Swallow. Always in our thoughts; Mr David Blair, Irene Dann. Reunited with husband Ivor and all the Jackman Family; Jo and Mark Lines, Samantha Finch. Our Ratbagsam – to live in hearts we leave behind is not to die xxx.

Mrs Marea Boylin, Mrs Beryl Mills and Mr David Mills. Happy Christmas, Mum and Dad. We love you; Mrs Mary Worth, Brian John Worth. Loved and missed. Mary and family; Mrs Patricia Gilbert-Sneddon, Colin Sneddon. Staff at Abbotsfield Hall, for their patience and kindness to all. With love and gratitude; Mr Anthony Golding, Diana Golding. With all our love, Anthony, Peter and Matthew; Mrs Elisabeth Tipton, Margaret Stokes and Margaret Tipton. To our dear Mums, dearly loved and never forgotten. Elisabeth and Mark; Mrs Margaret Anderson, Douglas Treloar, Doreen Treloar, Charles Treloar, Arnold Blithe and Donald Anderson. Remembered with love; Mrs Kathy Brown, Allon Brown. My wonderful husband - who I still love and miss so much; Mrs Celia Curran, Patrick Curran. Mum and Dad. Forever remembered in our hearts. Love, Celia and Family; Mr Mark Horwood, Joan Horwood. Thinking of you always Mum XX.

Mrs Caroline Hurford, Ronald and Edna Morse; Mrs Olive Hodge, Christina Bolt, Harold Bolt, Alma Hodge, George Hodge and Sally Hodge; Mrs Joan Franklin, David Beasley Franklin. Always in our thoughts and forever in our hearts. Joan, Louise, Penny and family; Mrs Sue Balment, Tom Balment, Gladys Mark, Maureen Balment and Terry Balment; Mrs Lelia Greenhill, Doris and Oswald Greenhill and Sheila and Ron Shipton. Always in our thoughts; Mrs Margaret Chaplin, Roy and Muriel Gibbs-Kennet. Remembering our parents with much love, Ann, Margaret, Michael and Maxine; Mr Paul Hawken, Timothy Hawken and Joy Mills. Both sadly missed; Mr Paul Hawken, Reg and Phil Hawken. Sadly missed.

Martyn and Marie Alford, Clifford and Margaret Alford. Remembering our parents. A special couple always in our hearts; Mrs Veronica Wilson, Louise Wilson. Always in our hearts. Mum, Dad, Clare, Ian, Phoebe, Milly and Poppy; Mrs Pamela Stretton, John Stretton; Mrs Caroline Stephens, Roy and Shirley Edwards; Mrs Irene Lea, Jeff Lea. Always in our hearts; Mrs Hilary Barnard, My dear husband, Bill. Always in my memory, forever in my heart; Mrs Margaret Ogle, Peter Chasteauneuf and Pauline Thorp. Always loved and remembered; Mrs Ann Valmarana, Roberto Valmarana – Much loved and missed; Mr and Mrs Stanley Goode (Mum and Dad) and Mr and Mrs Stanley Brew; Mrs Vera Collacott, William (Bill) Collacott. Greatly loved and missed by Vera and Family; Mrs Emma Turner Truetsch, Christian Truetsch. We love you and miss you always, Emma, Gabriel and Benedict; Mr Geoff and Mrs Lorraine Turner, Ted and Doreen Towill. Still missed and never forgotten; Mr Steve Hurley, Mr F R Hurley and Mrs S K A Hurley. Forever in our hearts; Mrs Sue Hurley, Tom and Joyce Miller (Dad and Mum). Forever in our hearts; Ms Carolyn Squire, Remembering the lovely and very special Sarah. Loved and missed every day. From Carolyn.

Ms Carolyn Squire, Cyril and Ruth Squire, Mary Martin and Meg the sheepdog. Many blessings and huge gratitude for wonderful parents, and dear Aunt Mary and faithful Meg. Love from Carolyn and Dot; Robert and Greta Webber, Kenneth and Becka Mary and our darling Gracie Nell. Miss you all, but always in our hearts; Geri, Richard, Eloise, Caitlin and Izzy Cousins, Con and Lily Kelly RIP and Isaac Sweetinburgh RIP. Forever in our hearts and thoughts; Mrs Valerie Mansfield, Tom and Eileen Hawken; Mr Jim Gowing, Susan. All my love; Mr John Jury, Jean Jury. Always in our thoughts; Mrs Mary Wills, Terry Wills and Sue Murdock. Miss you - RIP; Mrs Sylvia Crocker, Olive and Tom Hitt, Fred and Dennis Crocker and Sheila and Tarry Barriball. Miss you all, God Bless; Mrs Janet Lucas, Tony and Tanya Lucas (Father and Daughter). Love you and miss you always. Two bright stars together. Jan (Mum), Daryl and Isabel.

Mrs Karen Willcocks, Margaret and Norma Gregory. Love, Grace, Karen and families; Mr Nigel Allen, Mary and Percy Allen and Greta and Frank Floyd; Mrs Julie Goode, Millie, Ernest Evans, Brian Evans and Linda Marlow. Loved and always remembered; Mr Malcolm Ashfold, Mrs Molly Muirhead and Mrs Elsie George. Always remembered; Mr Trevor Sanders, Lynn Sanders. She so loved to see the Trees of Light; Mr Steve Carreck, John and Joan Carreck. Remembering our much loved Mum and Dad, Granny and Grandad; Mrs Margaret Burgess, Leslie and Eric Burgess. In loving memory; Mr Frederick (John) Hunt, John Hunt. “Asleep in our thoughts!” Marty and Teddy x; Mr Peter Jarvis, Alan and Kathleen Jarvis. Remembering my parents with great love and affection; Mrs Susan Jarvis, Fred and Thelma Fisher. Remembering our devoted parents. We think of you every day. Diane and Sue; Mrs Dawn Reid, Molly Evans. My darling Mum; Mrs Nicky Mackenzie, Miss Debbie Thomas. Never forgotten; Mr John Estall, Rosemary Estall (Scantlebury). Until the 12th of never; Miss Maggie Wood, Margaret, Bert and Michael Wood. Never forgotten; Mrs Anne Conway, Irene Margaret Conway. My lovely Mum, still dearly missed; Mrs Marianne Maylandd, Beatrice Jane Pyle, my darling Mum. I will love you forever. Doreen Pyle and Augustine Pyle. A love so deep; Dr Hannah Griffiths, Brian, Catherine, Adam and Joe Griffiths. Remembered and missed by us all; Mr Peter Woon, Clarence Paul Woon, Irene Coles Woon and Valerie Pengelly (nee Woon); Dearly missed by all the family – Now with the Lord; Mr Michael Goddard, Leo Goddard. In memory of our precious son, Leo; Mr Alistair Loftus, James Loftus. Forever in our hearts; Mr Arthur Wakefield-Smith, Shirley Wakefield-Smith (Badger). After 20 years, still greatly missed; Mrs Barbara Wharton, Tony Wharton. In memory of a wonderful husband and great friend, Tony, Sadly missed; Mrs Sylvia Laing, Barrass Laing, Peter Frise, Derek Frise, Anthony Frise and Kevin Briggs. Gone but never forgotten; Mrs Betty Jones, Len Jones. Loved and missed always. Love from Betty, Karl, Fay, Ewan and Tolly.

Dawn, Alison and Catherine Sherrell, Marjorie and Stan Sherrell. Missing you both so much; Mrs Davina Ludwig, Jono Ludwig, Hazel Tebbutt, and Michael Tebutt, James, Diana and Richard Barson and Elizabeth Henderson. A shining reminder of you all. XX; Mr John and Mrs Thelma Varnes, Adam Varnes. Loved and missed beyond words; Mr Albert and Mrs Sheila Greatrex, Philip Albert Greatrex and Mary Jane Fraser. Always in our thoughts; Mrs Pauline Smith, Brian Kenneth Smith. For my darling Husband, missing you at Xmas. Love always, Pauline; Mrs Peggy Bryant, Barry Bryant (husband), Ruby White (sister) and Clive Newnham (son). Missing you all; Mrs Mavis Beech, Christopher Beech and Mr and Mrs F Carpenter. Love and miss you all; Mary Sargent, Jack Sargent. My precious Dad. 25 long years but only a heartbeat away. Love is forever; The Kearns Family, Vi and Joe Kearns. Forever remembered with love; Mrs Sharon Wolstenholme, Shirley Mary Babb and Lionel Richard Babb. Miss you both every day; Mr David McPherson, Arthur ‘Mac’ Mc Pherson and Mona McPherson. You’ll always be in my heart. You’ll always live in my dreams. Love always, David and Tina McPherson.

Mr Gerry and Mrs Sandra Callaghan, Our dear son John and Friends. Miss you so much, in our hearts always; Dr Tom Greeves, Patrick and Sheila Greeves; Mr Derek Haw, Dorothy Haw. The light of my life; Mr Rama Nand-Lal, Matthew Nand-Lal. Thinking of you always, Matt. Love Nan and Grandad XX; Mrs Janet Powell, Brian Powell. Forever in our hearts, Jan, Dave, Sue, Erin and Ava; Mrs Olive Ann May and Family, Frank May. Missing you a lot, Olive and Family; Mrs Julie Russell, Paul Russell. Loved and missed every day. Thanks for the memories, Julie and Girls; Mr David Rippon, Pamela Rippon. You are sadly missed my love. Rest in peace; Mr Allen Lewis, Brian Acton. Cheers, Lord Acton!

Alan and Jenny Hunt, Martin Hunt. Loved and remembered every day; Mrs Pam Delaney, Danny Delaney. For our Danny who is loved and missed more than words can say; Mrs Helen Allan, Stella Nolan. Four years on, a much-missed mother and grandmother; Vicki Benson, Betty, George and David James. Remembered with love especially at this time of year; Sue Swanborough, Cyril Blithe, Gwen Blithe, Arnie Blithe. Always chat to you!; Chloe Matthews, Brian Taylor. Always in our hearts. Tom Cowie. Forever shining bright; Philip Adrian Hartnoll, Reverend Sidney Hartnoll / Margaret Hartnoll / Alan Hartnoll / Mary Hartnoll / Richard Hartnoll In loving memory; Lauren and Olivia Dillon, Brian Townsend (Grandad). Remembering Grandad 25 years on; Jean Keast, Gerry Keast. Missed and loved so much by all family and friends; Farrah Tillyer, Si Higgins. Loving memories of a special brother. Love Farrah, Mark, Jordan and Kelsey xxx; Farrah Tillyer, Carole Higgins. Special Mum and Nan love Farrah, Mark, Jordan and Kelsey xxx; Emma Powell, Clare Hogg. Ten years has passed too quick but we’ve never forgotten how wonderful you were. All our love Mummy, partying with the angels xxx; Christine Dove, Eustace and Marg and Andy Jackman. Dad, Mum and Brother. Forever in our thoughts with love; Lucia Gallie, Joyce and Bert Harvey. Always in our thoughts and hearts. Miss you both every single day. With love from all the family xxx; Sue C Collins, Roger Collins. Remembering you fondly, Roger, and we miss you. Sue, Andy and Chris and all the family; Duncan and Lyn Hannant, George and Julia Hannant of Chillaton. With love and fond memories; Elizabeth Wells, Ian Jennings. The one and only Umpha, you are loved and will be missed always. Love Fizzy, Wes, Georgina, Rosie, Oliver and all the family; Sue and Vic Eastwood, Lost Family and Friends. Never forgotten; SH and JC Grummitt, Doris and Hugh Grummitt and Julia and Albert Christopher. Forever in our thoughts; Sally and Miles Attenborough, Susan and Peter Ward. In loving memory of my parents, Susan and Peter Ward who lived in Tavistock for 40 years; Pam Smith, Pat and Ron Barnicoat. Remembering my Mum and Dad. Xx; Elma, Deborah, Donna and family, David Harvey. Remembered with such wonderful memories and so much love; Heather Gibbs, Ken Gibbs, Joy Gibbs, Martin Gibbs. Much missed every day. Forever in my heart. X; Nick, Gwyneth and Rhianna Ferneyhough, John and Jean Ferneyhough and William Rowlands. Fond, loving and happy memories of parents passed, the latest of which was Jean Ferneyhough who started her married life here in Tavistock; Caren Spicer, Brian and Ann Shaw. In loving memory of our Mum and Dad, Ann and Brian Shaw. You will be in our thoughts this Christmas, as always. Miss you loads. Much love Nicola, Caren and Rachel and families xxx; Pamela Thurgood, Tessa Thurgood, John Thurgood, Donald Collier, Winifred Collier Miss you more each year. Loves Ya xxx; Katy Scrivener, David Scrivener Dad - for happiness past and happiness future. We miss you every day. Thank you for all the love that you gave to us and to Mum x; Matthew Eager, Carole Eager. Malcolm Eager. Dawn Ford. Remembering our dearly loved family and friends xxx; Barbara Greaves, Ivor and Eileen Gawman. Loved and missed always.

Capt Paul Townsend, Stuart and Betty Townsend. In loving memory of Stuart and Betty from all the family; Louise Swift, Sally Perkins. Dearest Mum, Granny, and best friend. Life is a little less bright without you, we’ll hold you always in our hearts. Always loved, always cherished and always so missed. Taken too soon from us, but now smiling down from your rainbow. All our love always Evelyn, Louise, Neil, Jan and Becca; Deborah and Simon Morris, Mandy Braunton. In loving memory of a lovely lady; Simon and Deborah Morris, Matt Partridge. Much missed and always loved; Valerie Evans, In memory of David Evans. Missed and loved beyond words; Ursula Mann, John and Isabel Cahill, Charles and Eleanor Gebhardt; Lion Judith John, Lion Glyn John and my parents Bert and Gladys Paine. Glyn, never a day goes by when you are not in our thoughts. Mum and Dad, long gone but not forgotten; Barbara Ham, David Ham. Forever in our thoughts; Alan and Anne Wroath, Miranda and our parents. Love always, Toby Armstrong and Nicola Bezdel, Henryk and Doreen Bezdel. Greatly missed and remembered always... thank you for everything; Vicki Benson, Betty, George and David James. Remembered with love especially at this time of year; Lisa Luveniyali, Lei Lei. Always in my heart; Jeremy Searle, Norman Searle, Kathy Searle, Carolyn Searle, Colin Partridge and Mary Partridge. Remembered with love; Jane Christie, Matthew Christie and Michael Young. Forever in our thoughts and hearts. We all miss you xx; Richard and Jacky Jones, Bill and Vera Jones and Mike and Elieen Derges. With love always; Graham, Alli, George, Lilly, Jude, Emily Hatcher and Connor Boylin, Tony and Pam James. Remembering wonderful Dad, Mum, Gangan and Grandma. Soulmates reunited. Xxx; Geoff Blainer, John and Dorothy Blainer. Luceat lux vestra; Coral Poustie, Deceased members of the Purton family - loved and never forgotten; Debbie Clark, Ron Cragg - to our wonderful dad, grandad and great grandad. Missed and loved every day. Debs, Kaz, Andy and families xxx; Heather Clark, Lara - a twinkling light for you my sweet angel. Your beautiful heart gave light, warmth and love to so many, especially those who were struggling in the dark. You are always and forever loved. Your Mamma; Debbie Mills, Brian and Jean Willcocks - reunited in 2023. Sending love from all your children; Ms Annette Evans, Dawn Rutt. In memory of a very dear friend who found joy visiting Tavistock and loved the Christmas lights here; Mrs Rosemary Osborne, Bill and Phyl Davy, Noreen Reed, Jean Paige and Fred Hodge. Remembering you all with our love, Rosemary, Philip, Clive, Richard and Families.

Mrs Christine Furse, Paul Amelie and Pauline Furse. Pauline: You have been the light of our life. Paul: Our special nephew; Mrs Anne Mackenzie, Viv Aust. Remembering a dear friend, taken too soon. Love Anne and Hugh xxx; Mrs Anne Mackenzie, Joan Marshall. Remembering a special Mum, Granma and Great Granma with love as always; Mrs Sheila Pellow, Dorothy Bolt. Always remembered; Mrs Sandy Lethbridge, Roger Lethbridge. Forever in our thoughts; Mrs Ros Twinn, Pam and Geoff Tidbury. Remembering you both with love; Mrs Rosemary Jackson, Pauline Ruth Furse. Gone but not forgotten. RIP; Mr John Blowey, Ewart Blowey and Margaret Blowey; Mrs Shirley Rose, Mr Robert Rose and “Sox”. Also Mr James Thorington and “Kes”. In loving memory. Rest in peace; Mr Barry Smith, Jenny Smith, Edna Smith and Bill Smith. Miss and love you all; Mrs Valerie Jarman, Mr and Mrs R Hilton and Mr and Mrs E Jarman; Mrs Ruth Memory, Percy, Maud, Monica and Christopher Down and Peter Memory. Forever in my thoughts; Mrs Liz Hough, Dee and Harry Hobbs; Mrs Mary Dawe, Pearce Dawe. My dear Pearce; Mrs Rita Goode, Howard Goode. Missed and loved lots. Rita, Ian, Helen and family.

Mr Ian Carr, Dennis and Mary Carr. Loved always. Ian, Helen and all the family; Mr Bob Cowen, Olly Cowen-d’Arcy, Lorraine d’Arcy and Freda Isaac. Thinking of you often. Bob and Josh; John and Ann Marie Sowden, Karen Elaine. Love from Mum, Dad, Helen and Robert; Mrs Anita Hill, Hilary Kennington. Brave to the end; Mr Brian Fyfield-Shayler, Bert and Ruby, my parents, late of River Court; Mr Brian Fyfield-Shayler, Peter and Sibella Collier. Wonderful friends, never to be forgotten, late of Vale Down; Kevin and Caroline Greep, Roy and Betty Greep, Ron and Betty Geake. For our much missed parents; Julia Stacey, Dave Stacey. Our first Christmas without you. We miss you every day but feel so lucky to have had you in our lives. We remember the fun times, your smile and amazing sense of humour. You truly were and always will be our Dave. Love always Julie, Damian, Jemma, Jacob, Bramble, Mum, Helen and Bill xxxx.

Abigail Hawkins, Kathryn Jonas We miss you Mum xx; Richard and Tracey Solman, Ruby Elizabeth and Douglas Henry Trewin. Dearest Mum and Dad, Grandma and Grandad to your “Sunday Girls”; Robert William Cale, Stan and Ethel Turner; Michelle Fox, Dave Ham. Missed beyond words, forever in my heart, love always Michelle xxx; Peter Fox, Patricia Fox. Missed beyond words, forever in my heart, love always Peter xxx; Amy Marlow, Linda and John Marlow. In memory of my Mum and Dad who are always in my thoughts xx; Rachel Lane, John Adams. Love you and miss you every day x; Laura Eastel, Jackie Gawman. We all miss you every day, I know how much you loved Christmas, can’t believe another year has gone by. Love you millions; Tony and Jill Millichamp, Too many to name. All those we have loved and lost; Tony and Chris Rose, Jo and George Penny, Daphne and Victor Rose. We know that you would have loved the trees, the lights and the worthy causes; David and Yvonne Inman, Sheila Barrett/Bella Inman/Jacqueline Tarpey – forever in our hearts; Clive Pattison, Johnson Pattison, Betty Pattison, Prudence Stanley. Always in our thoughts, always in our hearts; Lions Club of Tavistock, Past members: Frank Birch, Arthur Boundy, Sam Caudwell, Roger Collins, Norman Donvin, Ron Higginson, Glyn John, Jeff Lea, Roger Lethbridge, Colin Livesey, Dick Lloyd, George Nash, Syd Payne, Keith Penney, Mike Scone, Mike Stephens, Jim Taylor, Reg Teale, Chris Tromans and Peter Westlake.