PEOPLE interested in dowsing are invited to a workshop this weekend to learn more about the art.

Running the workshop at Crediton Arts Centre, Charlie Palmer will explain to participants how dowsing is used for much more than just looking for water.

He has a keen interest in Ley Lines, particularly the Michael and Mary lines that come up from Cornwall and go to East Anglia, passing through Glastonbury and Avebury along the way.

Charlie said: 'The lines go to many of the surrounding churches and some are dedicated to St Michael or St Mary. St Michael de Rupe at Brentor is an example — St Michael was the archangel of high places.

'I also spend a lot of time doing archaeological searches, looking for the underground foundations of buildings that have long gone.'

Charlie grew up in Bridestowe and got into dowsing 12 years ago.

Some people that attend his workshops have had a go at dowsing before and some are completely new to it. Everyone that attends will be able to do a bit of dowsing by the end of the day.

The course is £18.75, including refreshments, and will take place on Saturday, April 12 from 10.15am to 4pm. Booking is essential on 01392 426692.