A keen runner is training to race for 36 hours to raise funds for her friend who has become ill as a side effect of treatment for cancer.

Rachel Anderson-Stacey, deputy manager of Delaware Preschool, in Gunnislake, runs regularly and races courses such as the Tavi 13, although she prefers off-road courses on Dartmoor. She is training with her friends of the Tamar Trails Runners group.

Josie's charity - runner Rachel Anderson-Stacey
Josie's charity - runner Rachel Anderson-Stacey (Submitted)

“It’s an ambitious thing to do, to run for 36 hours, but with Josie wanting to rase £100,000 for vital treatment I feel I have to do something big to match the importance.

“It’s so cruel that Josie was taking immunotherapy to support her treatment, but it’s caused her to get ill on top of the cancer. The treatment she wants is available in the US, so the money is to pay for that. She’s a fantastic person and a mother of young girls, so I really want to do as much as can, doing something I’m good at.”

Josie Hasan, 35, of Plymouth, is a former NHS and community care worker, has two daughter Rebecca, 8, and Sophie, 4, and is married to Laith.

She said: “It’s been a hellish 12 months since I was diagnosed with metastic melanoma skin cancer. It’s now advanced. I had immunotherapy which was supposed to be the best for my type of cancer. I was really confident it would work. But i only managed two treatments before I got really poorly and ended up in intensive care”

“Now I’m looking for a cancer treatment to save my life and that is called TIL therapy which is expensive and not available in this country. We can’t afford the treatment which is why we’re asking for help with other people.”

The Hope Trail Festival is at Newnham Park in Plymouth on from Friday to Sunday, July 12-14. It involves runners in teams or as individuals, running a set lap as many times as they can within 12, 24 or 36 hour sessions. Short naps and eating are allowed during sessions.

The fundraising website is: justgiving.com/campaign/supportjosie