TEAMS from Tavistock Primary School and Mount Kelly showed their skill at public speaking when they won the Tavistock Rotary Youth Speaks competitions recently.

Competition hosts Tavistock Primary School were clear winners in the Tavistock Rotary Junior Youth Speaks team held on January 24. Team members Kiera Lilly Markham, Mary Brogden and George Brooks gave a thoroughly entertaining presentation on their selected topic: ‘Are Teachers Really Humans?’

The judges unanimously agreed the team will go forward to the Rotary District Finals to be held in March at Bodmin College.

The Senior Youth Speaks Debate was hosted by Mount Kelly whose had two successful teams in the competition.

The judges decided unanimously that both teams should qualify for the Rotary District Finals. If successful again, they will go on to the Rotary National Final to be held in April.

Both teams selected excellent topics for their debate, ‘Lewis Hamilton is a more successful sportsman than Michael Schumacher’ and ‘Henry VII had the biggest impact in shaping the modern Tudor monarchy’.

Team members are: Anna Mokhovik, Brooke Price, Amy Ford , Iman Adama, Clara Bowles, Sophie Luxton

Senior youth speaks Mount Kelly
Senior team youth speaks winners from Mount Kelly (Tavistock Rotary Club)