A LOCAL resident was shocked last week after he claims he received a torrent of abuse at Crowndale Recycling Centre by a member of staff.

Rick Metters, a former Tavistock resident now living in Latchley, had just emptied the contents of his best friend’s flat following his death, and borrowed a work van to take the household items to the tip.

On Wednesday (October 24) he went to the recycling centre on Crowndale Road in Tavistock to off-load sofas, a fridge, washing machine and a mattress, but said he was instantly met with hostility.

Prior to his visit to the centre, run by Devon County Council, Ricky said he had contacted a local council and was told that it would be ok to go to the site in a borrowed van.

‘My best friend had just died at aged 50 and his sister asked me to help clear his flat,’ said Mr Metters.

‘I got to Crowndale around 4pm and there was a woman there who was simply horrid and abusive. She asked me what I was doing there as she wanted to go home at 4.30pm! She swore a lot.

‘I am shocked. I am a country lad and I know the issues we have with fly-tipping. To be greeted like this is totally unacceptable and probably why people fly-tip if this is how they are dealt with.

‘The woman was so offensive that my friend’s sister was in tears — it’s not acceptable.’

In response to Mr Metters’ experience at Crowndale Recycling Centre, a Devon County Council spokesman said: ‘We would encourage Mr Metters to contact our waste management team so that we can investigate this matter further with the site contractor.’