A Tavistock man recently invited 25 ladies from in and around the town out to dinner for his 85th birthday to ceremoniously mark the occasion.

Alistair Monteath decided to treat the ladies from the area to dinner at the Moorland Hotel in Wotter in celebration of his birthday this year. Twenty two attended.

Julie Jillans, a Tavistock resident who helps to run a stall in the town’s pannier market on weekends, said: ‘I first met Alistair in the pannier market. I was lucky enough to be one of those ladies who he invited out to celebrate his birthday. He even invited my daughter too. He paid for everything and left everyone feeling so touched by his actions. He crafted special invites for the event and gifted us all brooches and a bracelet. He shows women how they deserve to be treated. He has led a hugely fulfilling life with many different and lovely stories. I think he’s remarkable, he just keeps going.’

Alistair hired a photographer to capture memories of the event, who was so overwhelmed by his gesture, he didn’t charge.

Alistair said: ‘I turned 85 on May 6 and wanted to celebrate with women from the area who mean a lot to me. I’ve met the ladies in the group from different circles in life, from rowing at Weir Quay, salsa dancing, walking and through the National Trust. I go for breakfast in town every Saturday morning and then go and speak with people in the pannier market. I just thought it would be nice to thank them for everything they do.’