The Tavistock Lions are thanking members of the local community as they begin to rake in donations for their latest Ukraine appeal.

Donations can now be given to Shields DIY (on Vigo Bridge), View Estate Agents in Paddons Row or Sovereign Wines (near Tesco) - all during their regular opening hours.

The Tavistock Lions will be joining the Callington Lions and Darren Tait (videoed speaking above) for their next convoy aid trip, which will be leaving from Darren's Cars in St Ann's Chapel at 3am on February 2. Darren, who has been at the helm of eight aid trips so far, speaks about why he has continued efforts to help those in Ukraine throughout the last year.

Speaking from their collection hub at Sovereign Wines today, Sue Uglow of the Tavistock Lions said: 'We started collecting exactly a week ago today. We’ve already pre-loaded our trailer with 30 boxes. Sovereign Wines - Mike and the team - have been amazing letting us use their space and their van. The Tesco collection started today. They will be collecting Thursday, Friday and Saturday of this week and next week. 

'All donations must be collected by the morning of January 30 as we’re loading the van on February 1. It’s been phenomenal, we’ve been flat out collecting. They’ve even set up a collection point for members of the golf club - all their members have been really generous too. We are so fortunate to live in this community, it’s extraordinary. It’s just all come together really quickly.'

As stated above, the Callington Lions will be at Tesco collecting donations on Thursday, Friday and Saturday this week and next.

Sue added: 'In many parts of the Ukraine right now there’s no reliable running water nor electricity. Our drive now is really for products like nappies, trauma dressings, paracetamol, ibruprofen, sanitary products, and especially warm clothing for children and adults such as hats, gloves, scarves. Even items which provide power and light such as power packs, batteries and candles. This will be going into the East of Ukraine where it’s really needed.'

For regular updates on the Lions and their progress with this appeal, follow their Facebook page at:

Tavi Lions and Sovereign Wines
Tavi Lions and Sovereign Wines (Tindle)