A LONG-STANDING Tavistock area badminton club is marking its 40th anniversary.

The TOPS (Tavistock Original Primary School) Badminton Club was formed in 1984 and originally met in Tavistock Primary School on Plymouth Road. It then moved to Horrabridge Primary School for a more permanent home where members play to this day.

The club contributed to the school funds as part of the original conditions of using the Tavistock school junior hall with parents also involved in playing. The club moved to Horrabridge in 1994, giving more space so everyone could play on the same evening, with one meeting a week instead of two.

Maureen Toland, who was one of the founder members, said: “We had a lovely party to mark our fortieth year at the West Devon Club in Tavistock. It was too small in Tavistock, so we moved to Horrabridge when the new school opened and they had two courts, which meant we could play more games in one evening.

“I think we’re so long-lived because we’re primarily a social sport club. We used to play matches years ago and even played other villages, but a lot of us have got less competitive. We are a very friendly club and some of us occasionally still play matches and join up with the Wednesday night group. We encourage more players to join, even if they haven't played for a while.”

TOPS Badminton Club meets at Horrabridge Primary School on Tuesday evenings. For more information contact Maureen Toland on 07552 965294.