A SENIOR manager at the operators of two swimming pools in West Devon has stressed how important the activity is to wellbeing.

His comments come as a campaign by leisure centre operators nationwide is lobbying the government to increase support to community.

Community Leisure UK, CLUK, the industry body is asking the Government to designate swimming pools as intensive users of energy, both to heat water and poolside.

This designation would qualify the pools to claim energy subsidy. The current blanket subsidy for business is due to end in April.

CLUK fears the high cost of energy to pool operators will lead to many going out of business.

Craig Logan, head of commercial at Fusion which runs Meadowlands, in Tavistock, and Parklands, in Okehampton, said: ‘It is well known that swimming has fantastic health and wellness benefits.

‘Swimming makes the body weightless, so has far less impact on your joints and bones and supports your whole body in a more supportive way, than exercising on land.

‘We see swimmers of all ages at Fusion’s leisure centres and really appreciate just how important even the most gentle of exercises in water can give your whole body a boost. Swimming is also a wonderful way to zone out and have a moment of true mindfulness, just focusing on the pure freedom and enjoyment that swimming can give.’

Swim England says swimming helps lower blood pressure, reduces joint pain and improves heart health and lung capacity. Children’s development is also improved by swimming.