WHAT ARE your favourite views from and of Tavistock? This is the question posed to residents of the town in order to preserve what people think are the most iconic panoramas that they would like to see protected against future housing and commercial building.

The survey is being carried out by Tavistock town councillor Ursula Mann and her volunteers with the help of Sam Mellor-Clark, a photographer and videographer.

The scenic views are being captured by Sam, many of them with the use of a drone.

Cllr Mann said: “The neighbourhood plan covers issues that matter to people, such as affordable housing and young people’s facilities, sport and leisure, shopping and sustainable transport and employment.

“We’re drawing up a plan which will move the town forward in the future when big planning decisions are made alongside other strategic plans. This will have an influence on the growth of the town, because planners will have to consider it.

“But as well as looking forward we’re acknowledging there are aspects of Tavistock as a moorland town, that need to remain the same to retain it’s character. So, we’ve been told by locals that they really treasure views such as looking from high up on West Street down and accross to Cox Tor along the centre. Another views is from the Pimple across Whitchurch.” Favourite vistas can shared on the Tavistock Plan website:


Tavistock Neighbourhood Plan favourite views QR code for public survey (Tavistock Town Council)