Conservative Party candidate David Turnbull is the new Tavistock North ward member on West Devon Borough Council after winning a by-election by 42 votes.

The count took place yesterday after it was delayed by a day due to Storm Eunice following Thursday’s election.

There was a 24.56% turnout at the election and the result is as follows:

David Turnbull (Con) 379 votes, Peter Squire (Lib Dem) 337 votes, Susan Bamford (Green) 163 votes and Doug Smith (Labour) 85 votes.

Mr Turnbull said: ’I’m delighted to have been selected as one of the councillors representing Tavistock North ward at WDBC and would like to thank all those who voted for me and the other excellent candidates in what was a fair and hard fought campaign.

’It was especially interesting to meet so many residents over the past few weeks and hear their views about Tavistock and the beautiful area in which we all live. I am committed to working for all residents and would be interested to hear their views about local issues and to help where I can.

’I was especially pleased at the numbers of young people who actively helped with and engaged with my campaign and I will continue to be interested in what they have to say. There is a lot to do - West Devon has declared a housing crisis and I’m keen to work with the policies that emerge from that but we are also committed to growing a thriving local economy, taking advantage of green growth in the SW, moving forward our climate change agenda, in partnership with DCC, and improving local transport links. I’m looking forward to the challenge.’