A RENOWNED environmental explorer from humble beginning is offering deserving people from a similar background a chance of a life-time.

Jim McNeill, veteran of more than 30 years of polar exploration and expeditions, is seeking up to ten would-be explorers from rural or inner city areas across the South West to join his latest polar-bound endeavour, #Resolute Expedition.

Jim, based in Princetown, has offered to pay for the places for people who can show they have the ambition and curiosity to take part, but cannot afford to pay for a place on the floating scientific base.

The lucky citizen scientists will join 134 other aspiring explorers on the Ocean Warrior Project, which is undertaking a marine expedition to gauge the pulse of the planet and the health of the oceans.

They will join a sailing ship packed with data-gathering people and equipment, in a life-changing voyage from Plymouth to Resolute Bay, High Arctic Canada, and back.

Most of the rest of the Ocean Warrior Project crew, will either self-fund or fundraise to secure their place on the scientifically significant #Resolute Expedition.

The first scientific section of the trip will depart from Plymouth to Iceland in July, and will be followed by legs to South Greenland, then on to West Greenland, Baffin Island, and finally to Resolute Bay, Canada, before the return journey.

Jim, from a London estate, said: ‘Through a combination of luck, determination and drive, I was fortunate enough to discover exploration as my passion, and eventually as a career. It was a long and hard path, but I always say if I can do it, then most people can.’

To find out more information about Ocean Warrior Project, the #Resolute Expedition, its selection process, and how to join as a bursarial, self-funded or fundraised participant, visit https://www.warrior-ocean.com/ or https://www.ice-warrior.com/.

All funded Ocean Warrior Project participants will need to sign up before the end of February.