A few tears were shed by the older residents of a sheltered home as they marked the Coronation of King Charles III watching on their own big screen.

The residents of AbbeyField Sheltered Housing on Plymouth Road in Tavistock toasted the King and Queen with dry sherry or wine and enjoyed a Coronation Chicken lunch with cheesecake dessert decorated like a Union Jack.

A big screen was set up for today's big event in their lounge as they gathered round with a glass or two and shared memories of Queen Elizabeth's Coronation in 1953 both before and after the pomp and ceremony in London.

Marie Gunn, 88, cheerfully lifted a glass of dry Croft's sherry and toasted the King and Queen dressed in a red, white and blue outfit for the occasion. She recalled Queen Elizabeth's crowning: 'We were very poor, my dad was a trawler skipper in Hull, so we didn't always have a lot, depending on the catch.

'So, we didn't have a telly to watch the Queen's Coronation. So we watched in the corner of a neighbour's room on a small black and white. We had a street party and there was a race as part of the fun and games, which I won and was given a tin of biscuits as a prize.

'I was always interested in the Royal Family and the Coronation, then and now. I watched the marriage of Queen and Prince Philip at a special screening in the cinema. They always played the national anthem at the end of films in cinemas - but this time everyone stood up in respect. Then I watched Princess Anne's marriage ceremony on telly through a shop window. It was really lovely today, watching with everyone together on the big screen.'

Marie, who was one of seven brothers and sisters, was kept away from school because her father saw no point in educating girls who would 'only get married and have children'. She did work, however, at a tobacconist and at Smith and Nephew, before having four children and marrying twice.

She added: 'It makes it extra special watching the Coronation today knowing my daughter Leigh is watching at the same time from her home in South Carolina in the US. She had to get up several hours earlier than me of course because of the time difference.'

The staff here, Ian and Jan in the kitchen, have made a lovely Coronation Chicken and cheesecake, they're look after us so well.'

Jan Wickett and Ian Ward make Coronation lunch at Abbeyfield
Ian Ward and Jan Wickett with their special Coronation cheesecakes they made for the residents of Abbeyfield Sheltered Housing, along with Coronation Chicken. (Tindle)