EIGHT candidates are standing in the general election in the constituency of South West Devon which newly includes Horrabridge, Buckland Monachorum and Yelverton.

Losing the electoral wards of Burrator and Buckland Monachorum from the Torridge and Tavistock constituency has been a wrench for some who value their historic connection with the Tavistock area.

Horrabridge resident Adrian Lee suggests many voters from Burrator and Buckland Monachorum wards might have been puzzled this week when their poll cards arrived from Plymouth City Council for the first time. The change has come about because of a constituency boundary review since the last election.

Adrian said: “Boundary changes have transferred to the South West Devon constituency dominated by Plympton and Plymstock. It's the end of an era.

“Horrabridge was the ancestral home of the Foot family, and at various times the residence of Robert Hicks, Michael Heseltine and for a while a young Royal Marine, one Paddy Ashdown. The village now has its parliamentary connection with Tavistock severed.”

The two wards had amounted to 7.5 per cent of the land mass of the old Torridge and West Devon seat, which has had a name change for this election to recognise losing its southern fringes. They join a constituency which includes the centres of population Ivybridge and Plymouth satellite communities Plymstock and Plympton as well as the new town of Sherford.

Sarah Allen (Labour), SW Devon General Election candidate.
Sarah Allen (Labour) (Submitted)

The candidates hoping to replace former MP Sir Gary Streeter (Conservative) in South West Devon are: Darryl Ingram (Heritage Party); Sarah Allen (Labour); Julian Brazil (Lib Dem); Ben Davy (Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition); Stephen Horner (Reform UK); Lauren McLay (Green Party); Rebecca Smith (Conservative) and Alan Spencer (Independent).

Independent Alan Spencer is a postman and mayor of Ivybridge, who says: “I am standing as an independent, therefore what I say is what I believe. You might not like what I say, but at least you know it is honest.”

Lib Dem Julian Brazil, leader of South Hams District Council, says his priorities are education, NHS, environment, housing, South Water and potholes.

Reform UK’s Stephen Horner is pledging to offer something different, saying: “It is only my word, which is all I have to offer you, and I know you have heard it before, but I am different! I am not one of the establishment politicians Labour and the Tories are offering you. I intend to be a voice for the people of South West Devon.”

Daryll Ingram said: “The reason I have decided to run for the South West Devon seat in the upcoming general election is because I am tired of witnessing our country being dismantled and sold off to the highest bidder.”

Rebecca Smith grew up in the area and left to study and work in London. She said: “For eleven years I worked on criminal justice policy as part of the shadow justice team in the run up to the 2010 general election. However, throughout this time, I worked with one aim in mind – to return home and fight Plymouth and Devon’s corner, getting the best deal for our communities.”

Julian Brazil (Lib Dem), SW Devon General Election candidate.
Julian Brazil (Lib Dem) (Submitted)

Ben Davy (Trade Unionist & Socialist Coalition), SW Devon General Election candidate.
Ben Davy (Trade Unionist & Socialist Coalition) (Submitted)

Stephen Horner (Reform UK), SW Devon General Election candidate.
Stephen Horner (Reform UK) (Submitted)
Darryl Ingram (Heritage Party), SW Devon General Election candidate.
Darryl Ingram (Heritage Party) (Submitted)
Lauren McLay (Green Party), SW Devon General Election candidate.
Lauren McLay (Green Party) (Submitted)
Rebecca Smith (Conservative), SW Devon General Election candidate.
Rebecca Smith (Conservative) (Submitted)
Alan Spencer Independent), SW Devon General Election candidate.
Alan Spencer (Independent) (Submitted)