TWO men have been released by police under investigation following a break-in at the Co-op store in Brook Street, Tavistock in the early hours of Wednesday, May 31.

A large quantity of cigarettes were stolen in the incident in which thieves loaded a dumpy bag full of goods.

Two men, in their 30s, were arrested making their way to Plymouth.

Police said the men were not local and were driving a stolen silver Mercedes with false number plates, which was stolen from Hampshire between May 24 and 27.

Enquiries are still ongoing in different counties.

Anyone who saw a silver Mercedes driving around Tavistock Town Centre at around 3.30am on Wednesday, May 31, is asked to contact police on 101.

Pictured left are CID officers Bev Havis and Mike Luggar with the haul of cigarettes and cigars in the dumpy bag.