South West one



‘BETTER than the score-line suggests’ could be the motto for Tavistock A this season. Once again they went down 4-0 in a game that could have swung either way.

Caradon played well and scored the opening goal after 20 minutes — Tavistock then suffered confusion over positions on the pitch. 

At half time the score though remained 1-0 and Tavistock sorted themselves out. They began making plays up both sides of the field and looked dangerous several times. Unfortunately for them they placed their backs under pressure in their own half and Caradon capitalised by scoring a second goal five minutes into the second half.

Tavistock keeper McErlain had a good game, keeping a number of Caradon attacks at bay but yet again the team threw everything into attack in order to try to get back into the game. All the forwards had chances but could not quite finish the job and with 15 minutes to go Caradon took their chance from a corner to lead 3-0. 

To their credit Tavistock came back again — Dee Kirwan came incredibly close with ten minutes to go. The home side pressed hard but Caradon exploited the space that resulted however, scoring a final goal with six minutes remaining.

Although the play was patchy at times, there is clearly ability in Tavistock A. They have to use the remainder of the season to focus that ability in order to avoid relegation.