BERE Alston Youth FC held a ‘restart a heart’ training session teaching its young players and club supporters as well as the wider community cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and defibrillator training.

Adults and children attended the course run by Tavistock first responders Gemma Walker and Paul Johnson in conjunction with the South West Ambulance Service.

Using the recreational field for football but also aware of the dog walkers, horse riders, bikers and beautiful open space this part of the village offers, the club were keen to teach people these important skills, especially the children.

The group were shown how to give CPR and how to use a defibrillator alongside the recovery position, looking for dangers, how to call for help and more.

Club secretary Steve Daymond said: ‘I hope no one needs to use this skill but if they do, to have more than 20 people trained is brilliant.

Bere Alston was always set up to be more than just a football club and giving the players supporters and community this opportunity promotes that.’