COTEHELE Quay Gig Club took part in the final Tamar Winter League event at Mount Batten, Plymouth, on Saturday.

It was the first ever regatta organised by RMA and RM Tamar and proved a successful event – with exciting and challenging conditions, especially for the junior rowers.

Cotehele juniors, LA and LB came first in their races, MV second, LV third, and MB fourth.

A club spokesman said: ‘A kite course around Plymouth Sound sheltered (a bit) by the wind from Jennycliff. It was a great day out on the sea for the club, the first time out on the sea for all club members this season and a first time for most of our junior crew out on the sea ever! Some challenging conditions but everyone came away thirsty for more.’

Cotehele Quay received top place overall in the Tamar Winter League.

Pictured above are the LB team.