BERE Alston Bowling Club Short Mat Club held successful competitions over the weekend with 12 teams playing each day.

Results for Saturday: 1, Landrake 8pts +38 shots; 2, Wembury 6pts +24 shots; 3, Tothill 6pts +22 shots. Sunday: 1, Tothill 8pts +40 shots; 2, Landrake 8pts +27 shots; 3, Buckfastleigh 6pts + 23 shots.

The club is one of five who have formed the Short Mat Bere Alston and District League.

Bere Alston results: October 12 won by 8 shots at home to Tavistock; Oct 15 won by 6 shots at home to Down Thomas; Oct 18 lost by 8 shots away to Tavistock (who play their home matches at Bere Alston).

Other league results: Oct 16 St Mary's Plympton won by 12 shots at home to Yelverton; Oct 19 Yelverton won by 19 shots at home to St Mary's. Oct 25 Tavistock won by 16 shots at home to Down Thomas; Nov 1, St Mary's won by 14 shots at home to Down Thomas.

Bere Alston friendlies: Oct 14 lost 28-85 at home to Tothill; Oct 21 lost 57-80 at home to Tavistock.