Youngsters at Tavistock Parish Church enjoyed getting their hands dirty at a weekly multi-sensory and hands-on form of worship which teaches them about Jesus and his messages and have fun at the same time.

Volunteers run Messy Church on Wednesday afternoons after school, part of a national movement which is creative about how to enthuse children up to the age of 12. Last week the children made mini Moses models and created a tiny representation of him parting the Red Sea waters using a biscuit and some jam. A linked lesson on the effect of surface tension on water was shown to children using herbs and washing-up liquid. They also sung and danced in the aisles of St Eustachius Church before parish priest the Rev Matt Godfrey took worship.

This was followed by a cooked evening meal in the parish rooms. Rachael and Matthew Page, who bring their children Samuel and Martha to Messy Church, said: “They both love coming here and learning about God’s teachings. Martha’s even been writing prayers.”