Teams from West Devon police have been catching speeders in different areas this week.

The Neighbourhood team have bee at Launceston Road in Tavistock, following complaints of speeding. During their 30 minute period at this location, 45 vehicles were monitored with 15 in excess of 30mph. The fastest speed recorded was 45mph. Police have confirmed through their social media channels that they will be back at this location in the coming weeks to enforce the speed limit.

Another section has also been conducting speed checks at Liftondown this past week. The highest speed captured was 43mph in a 30mph zone from two separate drivers. Tickets were issued to both.

West Devon Police are continuing to conduct weekly patrols, both driving and on foot around the West Devon area, and have this week additionally been in areas such as Bere Alston, Bere Ferrers, Lydford, Sourton Down, Okehampton and Meeth.