VILLAGERS are being consulted on the future of their sports facilities which have not been updated comprehensively for more than 60 years.

Bere Ferrers Parish Council is holding a formal consulation on the issue. There is a pop-in meeting on Saturday (February 17) at Bere Ferrers Parish Hall from 2pm to 5pm where anyone with a view on what the parish needs in terms of outdoor and indoor space, such as a new pavilion, changing rooms, play park, running track, playing fields, pitches and BMX track.

Cllr Brian Lamb said: “We want as many people as possible to tell us what they think they and the parish needs for the future sporting and leisure needs. There are many sports and games organisations who will have a view on what is needed for the future. There are already members of sports clubs which are in contact with us and as a seperate part of the afternoon they will have displays about their activities and how Parishioners can join them. Parish councillors will be available to explain some of the options and to learn what the priorities and ideas of our Parish are. We have a very basic pavilion, toilets and changing rooms but they are in poor condition and haven’t been updated properly in decades. It really isn’t good enough for the 21st century. The asbestos and plastic corrugated roof has plants growing through it, for instance, and the wooden beams have signs of rot - and that’s just some of the many things wrong. The pavilion just isn’t up to the job any more and hasn’t been for a long time. We need a modern building which encourages people to use it, especially women’s sport and youngsters who are used to far better conditions at school and at leisure centres. It’s very important for the health and wellbeing of everyone to have an environment which encourages participation, rather than what we have now.” In the 50/60’s a cricket pavilion was built, footballers used it in the 70s and the pavilion was enlarged, partly rebuilt and modified over by volunteers, the council and the football club working with the council.