THE TAMAR Valley AONB team have paid tribute to former manager Tim Selman who sadly passed away at the end of last month.

Tim was manager of the AONB between 2000-2012 and had ‘an ‘amazing vision and found opportunities where others couldn’t’.

He left a huge legacy in the Tamar Valley, including the £7m Tamar Valley Mining Heritage Project, with the 25km of tracks and trails and Tamar Trails Centre at Gulworthy, as well as the Gawton Gravity Hub for mountain bikers, and the East Cornwall Mining Heritage Project, which included the building of the AONB and Calstock Parish Council’s home and community building, the Tamar Valley Centre, among countless other brilliant achievements.

AONB Partnership chair Martin Howlett paid tribute to Tim and said: ‘As a long-serving member of the partnership and executive I recall with fondness the early days of working with Tim and sharing with everyone his vision, drive and success in putting the Tamar Valley on the map.

‘Tim worked with myself and the board to promote the true value of sustainable agricultural production in the AONB and its unique ability to deliver for the environment.’

Tim felt that while the AONB must not be frozen in aspic care must be taken to preserve its special qualities, Martin added.