A VERY special birthday was celebrated at The Wharf arts centre in Tavistock recently, when members of litter-picking group Tidy Tavi gathered to mark ten years of monthly litter-picking sessions around the town.

Members enjoyed a buffet and birthday cake, cut by special guests Pamela Steele (in front of picture, right) and Jane Miller, who came up with the idea for Tidy Tavi back in 2011. Pamela who now lives in Hampshire, made a special trip back to the town for the party. Steve Hipsey, one of the organisers, said: ‘We were delighted that Pamela could join us. When she turned up and we told her what we had been up to she was absolutely flabbergasted at how things had grown. The fact that we often have 30 people now turning up was beyond her wildest expectations.’

The group of volunteers meet at 10am on the first Saturday of the month outside Meadowlands, and all are welcome. ‘We believe if people see clean streets they are less likely to throw rubbish down in the first place and if they see us in our bright yellow jackets the same applies,’ added Steve.