ARTISTIC students are brushing up on their skills for public display as they decorate a community cafe with a giant mural.

Artistic duo Brydan and Lottie, two Mount Kelly sixth form pupils and Year 10 charity committee volunteers, are using their artistic talents to paint a mural on an interior wall of the Tavistock Area Support Services (TASS) café, behind the Pannier Market.

Holly Stirling, manager at TASS, contacted Mount Kelly for help to spruce the area up and two of Mount Kelly’s most skilled and motivated Sixth Form A-level artists volunteered and hope to complete this year.

Brydan and Lottie are leading the project and have been planning the designs, colour schemes and style.

They have already sketched their concept, which is a landscape, and transferred it to one of the end walls.

Lottie said: “We visited the café a few weeks ago to look at the wall that needed decorating and discussed different wall designs with Holly. The walls have been primed and we are going work on the wall on Saturdays.”

Brydan said: “The theme we’ve chosen is based around how iconic Tavistock is and features the surrounding moorland and River Tavy.

“We will work on it on Saturdays, so it doesn’t conflict with our school work. But it does go towards our Duke of Edinburgh awards.”

Brydan and Lottie (right) are bringing the outdoor beauty of Tavistock indoors to brighten up TASS Community Cafe in the form of a giant mural they have designed.