AN INITIATIVE to promote and encourage young entrepreneurs is being considered for Tavistock.

The ambition comes after an inspirational one-day conference in Birmingham when Tavistock Town Council staff met leaders from other markets and heard how they are coping with the unpredictable trading conditions and the cost of living conditions.

One idea was to revisit the idea of hosting pop-up teenage markets in Butchers’ Hall in the famed Pannier Market, which has long been a proving ground for start-up traders who have gone onto thrive.

The Market Reeve Duane Carruthers and General Manager Wayne Southall attended the National Association of British Markets Authorities. Duane said in a report to the council: “The meeting was hugely beneficial and interesting to see how other markets are fairing in turbulent trading times. There were also presentations regarding markets in general, teenage entrepreneurs and event organisation. They also held the Market of the Year Awards presentation, which we will be entering this ear.

“This gave us plenty of food for thought, with one initiative in particular being discussed with the hall manager and duty officer - looking into revisiting the notion of pp-up teenage markets in Butchers’ Hall. This would involve targeting young entrepreneurs in their local catchment areas and to give them an outlet to showcase their businesses, with the idea of then initiating them into regular markets to help future-proof the next generation of traders into the market industry.”

Brett Kinsman-Daw, of ABC Service (offering tech, print, general advice and design support) began his high street business aged 17 in Tavistock Pannier Market: “It is a great way to start any small business. After all it’s low cost and a great way to get yourself a presence and known by a wide range of people. Consistency is the key ensuring that customers know when you are there and regularly - even if it’s just once a week.

“Despite the economy and the way shops are going at the minute, market stalls allow you to bring a new idea to market and the economy needs that right now - some innovation, some new ideas and the younger generation can certainly bring that as the world changes rapidly. It’s not the same world as five, ten or 20 years ago and the younger generation live the world as it is now, the way things are now.”

Despite gloomy predictions, the current Plymouth road roadworks have only had a partial impact on footfall in the Pannier Market, added Duane.

He said: “It has been fairly steady for this time of year, with the expectation of an increase with Easter being early this year. Plans for Easter after discussions with the traders includes a two-day market Easter trail on Good Friday and Easter Saturday, there will also be the market traditional Easter Bonnet competition, where traders create an Easter related bonnet/hat, with judging and prizes on the day for the most creative.

It is also expected that a Pannier Market stall will be included at this years’ Country Garden Show to promote the market.