RESIDENTS of Hatherleigh are being encouraged to share their feelings about the proposed Heane Farm wind turbine next week. Hatherleigh Town Council is holding a public meeting allowing residents to discuss the proposed application for a 77 metre turbine. Located 1.2 miles west of Hatherleigh, the site has a south-south-easterly aspect and is on grade 4 agricultural land. The developer originally explored four potential energy project proposals for the site. These were for a solar farm covering 25 acres of the site, a wind farm of three turbines, a single medium scale turbine, or a single small scale turbine. The company ran a community consultation from mid January to the end of February on the potential schemes. The results of the consultation, together with the completion of a detailed feasability assessment led to Mi-Grid deciding that the medium turbine scheme was the most viable option. The application also sparked heated discussion at a public meeting in March, with developer Mi-Grid sharing plans with the community. The turbine would generate 900 kilowatts, and the energy produced would meet the needs of approximately 470 homes and offset 850 tonnes of CO2. The turbine would be operational for 25 years and decommissioned at the end of this time period. During its lifetime, a community fund would be set up to benefit the people of Hatherleigh. The public meeting takes place in Hatherleigh Community Centre on June 24 at 7pm. All neighbouring parish councils, the developer and applicant and the West Devon Borough Council planning officer have been invited to attend. For further information visit the West Devon planning website, quoting application number 00635/2014.