PUPILS from years 1 and 2 at Kelly College Preparatory School enjoyed a thrilling visit to 539 Assault Squadron Royal Marines based at Turnchapel near Plymouth.

Kindly facilitated by the unit commanding officer Lt Col Michael Roddy, the children were treated to a ride in a landing craft and demonstrations from an offshore raiding craft and a hovercraft. They also tasted the latest military rations. In a darkened room the youngsters used night vision viewers to search for infra-red glowing lights.

Headmaster Matthew Foale said the visit was a superb opportunity for the children, during Remembrance week, to spend time with the people in uniform.

He added: 'With Kelly's naval history and service links, it is always a pleasure to interact with those who serve. The children and staff had a wonderful visit and benefited tremendously. We are extremely lucky to have the opportunity to make visits like this and are very grateful to the Royal Marines and Lt Col Roddy.'