Concerns raised by Tavistock Town Council about cobbled courtesy crossings

By Zoë Uglow   |   Reporter   |
Thursday 26th May 2016 10:36 am
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CONCERNS were raised recently at Tavistock Town Council over the reoccurring deterioration of the cobbled courtesy crossings in the town.

An urgent appeal was started last year by the council, after several people obtained serious injuries as a result of tripping on the uneven surfaces.

Despite the appeal and a number of posts on social media, councillors were concerned at the time it had taken Devon County Council to temporarily complete the repairs.

On Tuesday, May 10, at a Tavistock Town Council meeting, West Devon Borough Council leader and deputy mayor Cllr Philip Sanders said: ‘We still have some issues about the cobbled crossings.

‘On Plymouth Road at Bedford Square, near the church there is a significant depression. I’m not particularly observant but it was brought to my attention this afternoon.

‘I wondered if the council had come up with a solution as the last news we heard was that there was still research going on.

‘I’m not really into trip hazards but this is a serious trip hazard and it was full of water — it is a significant depression and is actually quite dangerous.’

Devon County Councillor Debo Sellis said that she believed the heritage officers had now come to the decision that the cobbles were not the most suitable material and were finding an alternative to repair the uneven ground.

A spokesperson for Devon County Council sad: ‘The depressions will be inspected soon and continue to be inspected on a regular basis. We will take appropriate action if they deteriorate further. Once detailed designs for a permanent solution to fix the cobbles at the crossing points have been finalised, all relevant parties, including the town council, will be fully consulted.’


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