SOUTH Zeal Pre-school has closed as a parent committee run pre-school and has become a part of South Tawton Primary School.

The facility, which opened on Monday, will now go under the new name of Little Beacons Pre-school.

This time last year the committee of volunteers at South Zeal Pre-school decided to close after its summer term in July 2016.

However, South Tawton Primary School has stepped in to save the pre-school from closing permanently.

The pre-school will still be run from the Victory Hall but will now be governor led by the primary school and overseen by school staff in liaison with pre-school colleagues.  

The new pre-school, which currently has 35 children enrolled, will now be able to offer all day sessions rather than just morning or afternoon sessions that were available before the primary school took over.

The pre-school will also benefit from being able to share the primary school’s resources.

Foundation Stage leader Shirley Culverhouse said: ‘Staff are looking forward to this exciting new chapter of school and pre-school working together.

‘The pre-school will work closely with teachers and staff at the primary school and the early years children will also be able to visit the primary school.

‘Little Beacons will be a great addition to our school and will build important links between the younger and older children as well as sharing good practise and helping children’s transition to school.’