LAST week Peter Watson was elected as Portreeve of Callington for the first time in his six years as a town councillor.

The new Portreeve is looking forward to continuing the legacy and projects upheld by previous Portreeves, and has a few refreshing ideas of his own for his year ahead including establishing a youth council .

Following his appointment into the new role, Mr Watson who succeeds Sue Tolman said: I’m pleased. It’s a privilege and honour to be appointed Portreeve and I look forward to representing the town at civic functions throughout Cornwall through the course of my year.

‘Fortunately I benefit from the work that previous councillors have done under previous Portreeves.

‘Sue proved to be an able and safe pair of hands to see us through to conclude another successful year for Callington Town Council.’

Although Mr Watson explained that the council could face some challenges this year, he is looking forward to carrying on with the town’s projects.

‘The major challenge for the next year will be maintaining the level of services we’ve been used to whilst facing a difficult costing environment’, said Mr Watson.

‘But in this coming year we’ve got some exciting projects coming to fruition one of which is the Multi Use Games Area (MUGA) that has been led by Cllr Gold which is the result of several years of consistent work. We now have a number of new councillors too who will bring a refreshing view to council and I’m very much looking forward to their input.

‘We are also looking forward to the eventual culmination of the neighbourhood plan which has been a long and difficult journey to get its completion.

‘The council murals committee will also continue its work in looking at revitalisation and potential sites for new murals.

‘We are especially pleased with the work of Rosie Fierek who is coming to the end of the completion of the magnificent and extraordinary Kit Hill mural on the side of the town hall.’

He also spoke of the local groups and activities in the area that the council will continue to support. A particular interest of his being MayFest which Mr Watson plays an active role in and he is passionate about making arts and culture accessible.

Looking forward, the Portreeve hopes the council will be making use of the opportunities provided by Cornwall Council’s Good Growth Fund which they hope to make use of to enhance local facilities such as the Pannier Market and town hall facilities.

However, a personal aspiration the new Portreeve expressed enthusiasm for is setting up a youth council.

Mr Watson hopes to use the time in his new role to look at how the town could possibly establish a youth council by drawing on inspiration from other councils. He is keen to promote engagement with young people in local government and feels that this could be the means to do so.

Alongside the choosing of the Portreeve, Councillor Steve Pound was elected as the new Deputy Portreeve.