BAD weather has sadly forced the cancellation to this year's popular open air nativity play at Morwellham Quay this year.

The event was to have taken place at the historic quay on the River Tamar near Gulworthy on Sunday afternoon (December 18).

Featuring a real life baby and animals, the nativity tells the age-old story of the birth of Jesus, with the village at Morwellham - a popular tourist attraction - providing the perfect setting.

The Rev Judith Blowey, who is assistant priest in the Tavistock, Gulworthy and Brent Tor Benefice, which organises the event together with the Morwellham Quay community, said they were disappointed not to go ahead.

However, heavy winds and rain are forecast for Sunday afternoon.

The Rev Judith said: 'Because the weather forecast is so awful for Sunday we felt we had to cancel it. It is with a heavy heart that we have done so.

'We thought of bringing it forward but the advertising had already gone out. Last year was so successful. We hope to do it again next year. It really is a spectacle.

'It is held at Morwellham Quay and we don't have a donkey but we have a pony and we act out the whole thing with a real baby and real sheep and the three kings. The whole Christmas story is acted out and we have doors to knock on at the quay. It is just brilliant. I can't tell you how sad we are not to hold it. But we hope to do it next year.'